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Frequently Asked Questions:

Advanced Meters enable Newnan Utilities to remotely read a customerís meter without having to send out meter readers every month.

  • Quicker Power-Restoration Times: Advanced Meters notify us if a power outage occurs, helping us quickly pinpoint problems and restore your power.
  • Remote Connect & Disconnect: Advanced Meters allow us to connect and disconnect meters remotely, for quicker stop, start and transfer of service.
  • Leak Detection: Advanced Meters allow us to identify possible leaks at the customerís home or business.

There are no additional costs to Newnan Utilities customers.

UMS, meter contractor for Newnan Utilities, will be completing the upgrades. UMS will be identified by signage on their vehicles containing the UMS and Newnan Utilities logos, as well as personnel wearing a Newnan Utilities badge.

We expect to begin upgrading meters in the spring and complete upgrades by the end of 2019. Prior to upgrading the water meter, UMS will have a crew cutting a small, temporary hole in the water meter lid. This will allow for the antenna to be installed. Our Construction Alerts Twitter account will be updated weekly with current installation schedules.

Upgrades will typically take place Monday-Saturday, 7:00 am and 6:00 pm. Once the installer has completed the work, they will put a tag on your door.

  • Electric Meters: Typical electric meter upgrades take 10 to 15 minutes. During this time, you can expect a brief interruption of your electric service.

  • Water Meters:Typical water meter upgrades take between 15 and 30 minutes. You will not have water during most of this time.

There are a variety of reasons that an upgrade cannot be completed, including pets, locked gates, obstructions such as bushes, a meter being inside a location, or safety issues. When an installer attempts to change a meter but is unable to complete the upgrade, they will leave a door tag on your door with a reason that the upgrade could not be completed and instructions to call the installation contractor, UMS, at 1 888 239 3760 to reschedule the installation.

Please call UMS at 1 888 239 3760.

Although the Advanced Meters will typically report outages automatically, it is still recommended that you call in the event of an outage.

The Advanced Meters being installed for electric do have remote connect/disconnect capabilities. However, the Advanced Meters for water do not have this capability.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that the meter is accessible to Newnan Utilities personnel and contractors. Customers should be careful when cutting the grass, weed eating, etc. around the meters so as not to damage any of the equipment. Newnan Utilities is responsible for the meter itself.

To send information, Advanced Meters transmit relatively low power radio signals similar to those used by cell phones, baby monitors, and garage door openers.

Advanced Meters send readings on average for a total of about one second each day.

Yes. Customer usage data is sent over a private, dedicated network. The meter information is identified by radio number only, not the customerís name and address. Usage data is stored on secure company servers.

Reading your Advanced Meter is easy. In fact, itís similar to reading the odometer on your car, only instead of calculating miles you have driven, your Advanced Meters shows you how much energy or water you have used. To find out how much energy or water you used over a given time, take an initial meter reading. At a later time, take a second reading. Subtract the initial reading from the second reading to determine how much electricity or water you have used during that time.

If you have billing questions or concerns, contact Newnan Utilities at
770 683 5516.

If you have other questions or concerns, contact Newnan Utilities at
770 683 5516.