In 2007, Newnan Utilities proudly announced the implementation of a long term, practical solution for bio-solid reuse with the development of a composting program. This responsible choice will create a soil additive byproduct to be used in landscape applications. Our state-of-the-art composting site will provide an alternative solution to landfill dumping, solidifying our position of accountable environmental management.

NOTE: Effecitve April 1, 2017 the 30-yard tree waste container dump fee will increase to $90.

Tree Waste Disposal and Compost Pricing

The Benefits of Newnan Utilities' Compost Facility Include:

  • Ease of entry and exit; completely paved for no rain delays
  • Data collection system to provide a fast turnaround time for haulers
  • Convenient location
  • Flexible hours of operation as needed to accommodate large hauls

Compost Facility Address:
2034 West Highway 34, Newnan, GA 30263
Phone: 770-683-5516